Hardly a week of the year goes by without some sort of special occasion. It may be a friend’s birthday, or a wedding anniversary, the birth of a baby or a small lunch party. Then there are all the holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving. Flowers play an important part in all these festivities; they have been used as symbols of celebration through the ages by people from every country in the world. Whether the occasion is formal or informal, it will be made that much more comfortable by the presence of flowers. There is nothing like flowers for making us feel welcome. For personal gifts, bear in mind the language of flowers and give a bunch that has a special meaning. It all adds a bit of mystery and, since a large proportion of the meanings attributed to flowers are happy and joyful, it is easy to find the right flowers to do the talking for you.

Flowers –a flashback

Gift giving is expected in some cultures. In Europe, flowers are a customary gift when visiting a home, but make sure you do not bring flowers that are used for funerals in the culture. Fresh flowers are common gifts in Western Countries when invited to somebody’s house and this trend is catching on in India too. Flowers can be cut or arranged .However, be careful about the type of flowers, there color and their number as each country interprets these differently .For example, in the UK, red roses are for lovers only while the frangipani in parts of India/Bangladesh denotes death. It is best to check with the hotel concierge or the local florist.

Gifting Flowers

Flowers are appropriate for almost any occasion Mother’s Day , Valentine’s Day , a debutante party , or an anniversary .Or a bouquet of violets or an armful of peonies can convey just the right sentiment when you want to express congratulations , gratitude , regrets or consolation .If you are the guest of honor at a dinner party and want to send flowers to your hostess beforehand , call her well in advance (if you wait until the day of the party , chances are she will have placed her order ) , to find out what type of arrangement she would like and what color flowers are prefers.

Effects of Flowers

Flowers do have an emotional impact on people, and it is a positive effect. If you work in a space that feels impersonal and unsupportive of your needs for color and delight, try making a small change –bring flowers or some object of color that you enjoy into your space.

Significance of Proper Arrangement

Fresh Flowers from the garden placed randomly in a vase, a grand and very formal silk arrangement, or an antique serving tray with pressed pansies – all are part of the art of working with flowers. While the traditions and styles of years past, whatever we want to do with flowers and the arranging of them are no longer restricted by rigid rules, subject to stringent guidelines, or dictated by fashion and style. Working with flowers has became a personal expression of sentiment , beauty , or design .However there are a few design tips that are used by the ‘’professionals’’ that may make your arrangements easier to accomplish and mirror the vision you had in your hand.

Proportion and Scale

  • When making a floral arrangement or craft, consider where it will be placed. For a floral piece to have the proper proportion, the size (width and height) and quantity of the flowers should relate to the space it needs to fill and to the size of the container selected for that space. For example, a floral arrangement for a formal dining table should not interfere with the dinner serve to guests. If the arrangement is too tall, the guests cannot speak to those across the table or if the piece is too large there will not be adequate room on the table for the serving dishes.
  • Decide in the beginning if the arrangement will be seen from all sides or placed against a wall. It matters in the number of flowers that will need to be purchased to complete the arrangement.
  • Determine the height then width of the arrangement .As a general rule , the height of the floral arrangement should be one – and – a half to two times the height of the container used .The width of the floral arrangement is usually , but not necessarily , approximately the same as the height.
  • Visualize what the finished floral arrangement will look like before beginning.

Type of Arrangement or Craft :-

Formal Arrangement

Formal Floral arrangements are usually larger and contain a substantial number of diverse, more elegant flowers that are ‘’arranged’’ in some type of design style. Traditionally, a formal style is an arrangement that peaks in the center and is wider and symmetrical on both sides .The flowers on each side are arranged identically and appear to be deliberately placed.

Informal Arrangement

An Informal Arrangement that looks as if its design element might have’’ just happened ‘’ during the arranging of the flowers .There is no specific sequence to the flowers, the flowers are more natural, and the container can be almost anything.

Etiquettes in Gifting Flowers

Flowers can be fun, can you think of anyone who doesn’t like flowers?  A bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden or from the corner stand, place in a vase or fun container and finished with the ribbon of your choice or dress the center of a feasting table in any home. Flowers are a thank you gift that is filled with the colors of a rainbow and happiness of the morning sun –and if picked from a personal garden, a gift from the center of your health. A gift of flowers can fill a space with love and even romance, can brighten any day, and can bring a smile to any face.

Perhaps a blooming pot of flowers or a plant lush in varied shades of green and foliage, placed in a hand painted ceramic pot, a vintage tin, or a simple terra –cotta container, will fit perfectly with the decorative elements. It is said that a gift that will bloom and continue to grow is a gift that lives on forever, and each time the gift creates another blossom or extends its leaves toward the morning sun, it will be a reminder of the appreciation and thoughtfulness behind the age.