Cancellation And Refund Policy:

The best customer service is the main motto of MyCityFlowers. Like real flower shop it is believed that we understand and value the concerns of the security of Internet shoppers and fulfilment of their orders. The return refund policy is been established to provide complete information about refunds and replacement orders to our customers.


1.     If there is a delay in delivering the order or order not been delivered, we are given 24-48 hrs to investigate over the problem. In many cases the delivery was not possible because of unavailability of recipient at home/office. In this case you have right attempt a redelivery. Every possible effort is made to make delivery on time. As we deal with perishable products sometimes nature is not in our favour and situation gets out of control.


2.     The florist should be contacted directly if there are doubts related to quality of the arrangement and in almost all the cases replacement takes place. MyCityFlowers must be contacted within 24 hours for replacement. Flowers are perishable and require a proper care. If not notified in a day no replacement or refund will be made for any order to the sender. It is responsibility of sender to view all required information on the website.


3.     Orders which deem to be fraudulent or questionable can be rejected by the rights reserved with MyCityFlowers.  The entire order and information provided to us is checked and compared with the respective bank placing order. If fraudulent information is provided the notification mail will be sent to the sender to inform them the situation.


4.     If the customer wants to cancel the order placed, it should be cancelled prior to the delivery of order. Once order is delivered cancellation cannot be done. Cancellation is not possible if customer laces the order but provides wrong information case of wrong address. The customer needs to provide with new information for proper delivery of order.


5.     If the recipient refuses to accept the order, MyCityFlowers is not responsible for it. For any reason if the recipient does not accept the order or refuses delivery the shop will not issue any refund to customer placing order.


6.     The customer errors that result in the over ordering of product is not liable to MyCityFlowers. The customer is provided with the total before the check out process prior to the order being submitted. Customers can reduce or remove quantity of items. While multiple quantities re ordered the shop make special efforts to review orders but without giving guarantee and we not liable for ordered sent exactly by customer.  If more one of single item is sent then no refund will be offered as it will be exactly what is been ordered.