Respected clients,

We take absolute care of the items as part of the order. Please analyze the disclaimer below to

stay updated.

Same day delivery

The website is inundated with an array of gifts for the valentine day occasion. The cost of

each item is dynamic as it can undergo a rapid modification due to the spike in demand during

Valentine occasion. Orders should be placed before hand so that prices are cost effective.

Although fast delivery program is available however it is not possible to fix the exact time span.

The company provides exact timings as to when the midnight products are delivered to the

intended destination. While placing the order, one should enter accurate name and address of the

receiver on the website. If the telephone number of the receiver does not connect, we would send

a mail informing about the delivery of the product to the email id.

Special service package:

There are lots of attractive gifts items available for the customers as a part of the special services

package. As a result of the heavy demand the prices may change, therefore it is important book

gifts before the festive season to get attractive discounts. Due to the high volume of the orders,

items could only be delivered at anytime as per convenience to the intended destinations and will

be intimated about the delivery time. Accurate addresses and contact information are necessary

for reliable transportation of the gifts. For further information, access the shipping disclaimer

section or click on the contact us link to resolve the queries.

Courier packages for valentine:

Scintillating products are available for the customers who want to send them as gifts through

special courier packages. Prices might escalate during the valentine day however pre booking

could lead to a reduction in the total cost. If the volume of the orders is very high, delivery on

time could not be guaranteed. As with other packages, correct address and contact details should

be provided online to facilitate the delivery of the products. It is requested to make a 2-3 days

prior booking for the courier products so as to ensure hassle-free timely delivery.

In case our representatives are not able to contact the recipient with phone, we send an instant

mail to the email id. To get advanced information about shipment check the Terms

section of if further doubts click on Contact us link.

Gifts services:

Prices are bound to increase on the Valentine day due to the spurt in the number of orders but

attractive options are available if the customer books beforehand. During the rush hours, next

day delivery is not guaranteed. Moreover, you should read out the substitution clause for the

delivery of the items by hand. Our staff puts in best of efforts to deliver the products in spite

of the receiver not being available at the destination. During the time of valentine season we

would request you to provide 3 to 5 working days for the confirmation of the shipment as well

as conflict resolution. Accurate contact address and phone numbers are required to sent the items

reliably to the receivers. We send email as a backup in cases when the phone numbers are not in

order to ensure prompt delivery. For further enquiries refer to the Terms section or

the Contact us link.